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All-American Crating Offers Product Preservation Solutions

When your customers use your product, they can rely on the same corrosion protection to lengthen the service life of your product. Our product preservation systems protect electrical and electronic equipment during operation and shutdown. Product preservation’s water- or oil-based barrier coatings protect installed valves and pumps from atmospheric corrosion. Our product preservation additives protect lubricant systems from corrosive environments and contaminants.

Easy Application of Product Preservation Protection

In cases where equipment or systems require lay-up for temporary shutdown or long-term storage, preserved products offer many benefits. You apply them instantly, quickly, and usually, without surface preparation to your piping, tubes, tanks, motors, and generators as well as internal working surfaces and mechanical parts are effectively protected. You select the degree of protection needed based on the severity of the environment and the length of exposure. Your protected equipment will always be ready for use. When the time comes, you can quickly and easily prepare your equipment for operation.

Maintenance personnel will appreciate the simplicity and convenience of our product preservation processes. They readily penetrate surfaces, providing protection in a fraction of the time required for traditional paint or coatings.

Long Live the Protective Barrier!

Additionally, our product preservation systems are highly concentrated to minimize waste generation and storage/handling requirements. The protective barrier remains active for years to protect against corrosion. At the same time, the coating is performing its protective function, it’s releasing a chemical that prevents rust from forming on your equipment during lay-up or following shutdown.

Mixing ratios for our product preservation systems are very low. An oil-based composition requires only a one-to-one ratio, while a water-based system requires a two-to-one ratio. This means flexibility in handling and storage – no custom containers or mixing equipment required.

Product Preservation Solutions | Image of Vapor Barrier Product Protection

Cost Efficient Protection

Our product preservation systems are economical, too, with cost less than paint per unit of protection. They will perform better than paint or coatings because they don’t sacrifice moisture resistance for corrosion protection. They provide better levels of service life protection at a lower cost.

While the surface is protected by the product preservation coating, you can easily clean equipment prior to layup or following shutdown without taking it offline.

Don’t Ship Without Product Preservation and Protection

We are a worldwide crating company who offers a full service custom crating, rigging and skidding solution for shipping and delivery from Central FL both domestically and internationally. We provide product preservation, protection and custom packaging for all sized products across numerous industries. Don’t ship your important items without ensure they will arrive at their destination intact and undamaged. By using our custom packaging, container loading, custom cushioning and product preservation and protection techniques, we can guarantee a safe, cost-effective delivery every time!

Product Preservation Solutions | Image of Heat Shrink Product Protection
Product Preservation Solution | Vapor Barrier Wrapped Product
Heat Shrink Custom Packaging | Protecting a Large Item with Heat Shrink

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