When it is large and unsymmetrical or fragile, leave it to us. Preparing large items for shipping is our forte. No matter your industry or type of products and materials, expect us to deliver success with our time-tested custom packaging and shipping options.

If you are looking for cheaper, safer, and faster ways to ship bulky items by road (motorcycles) and sea (boats), you have come to the right place. We create custom packaging for oversized items from art pieces to furniture, electronics, and more.

For many decades we have worked with clients from diverse industries.  We have gained in-depth experience and institutional knowledge to help us surpass your expectations. We put your needs above all else and strive to understand and help you solve your complex challenges through custom packing and shipping solutions.

Adherence to Standards

If your shipment is more than 150 pounds or is longer than 108 inches, it qualifies as a large freight item. We create custom crates designed for compliance with standards for the utmost protection and safety during shipping.

Everything we build meets ISPM-15 requirements. Each custom crate, skid, and pallet are stamped, and IPPC certified for international shipping.

Product Experience

When it comes to custom packaging and shipping options, you need a partner that understands your product’s nuances and how it should be handled. Crating, wrapping, cushioning, and shipping techniques should all conform to the design of the product. For us, the process involves:

  • Analyzing your needs
  • Evaluating, measuring, and weighing the item to be shipped
  • Creating packing that guarantees incident-free shipping
  • Keeping you updated throughout the process

When your items are in our hands, we take full responsibility for their safety and design integrity.

  • We have the resources and experience to handle items as required by their characteristics.
  • We have special packaging, crating materials, and solutions.
  • See how we leverage custom-packing for large items

Heat Shrink Wrapping

In heat shrink wrapping, we apply the plastic film to an object of any size and shape. We then apply heat to the surface, which makes the plastic shrink. In the process, the wrapping conforms and seals around the entire shape of the item.

Should you require to protect your shipment from harmful UV rays, ask us for anti-UV wrapping. And if you would like to design the shrink wrap in your brand colors and logos, we can do that for you.

All American Crating | Vapor Corrosion

VCI Packaging

Our VCI materials provide corrosion and oxidation protection to electronic components. This custom protection effectively protects contents from corrosion, pitting, oxidation, and staining.

All American Crating | Heat Shrink Sample 1

Vapor Barrier Packaging

We pay extra attention to electronics and items with metallic surfaces when shipping by sea. Our vapor-proof packaging solutions have been rigorously tested and proven effective against water vapor and saltwater vapor. This guarantees protection against corrosion and prevents damage to the performance and function of your items.

Depending on your shipping needs, we can wrap your items in a vapor barrier bag with a desiccant inside. Next, we vacuum out the air inside the bag to reduce humidity levels before sealing the seams with heat.

Our vapor barrier packaging solution reduces the moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR). It keeps your large cargo protected during shipping, regardless of the degree and duration of exposure to saline moisture.

Protection from odors: Using vapor barrier packaging, we can successfully keep odors away from products during shipping.

Cost savings: Vapor barrier bags use fewer materials, which helps to reduce packing and shipping costs.

Specialized Cushioning

Our options include PE foam that provide reliable support around your item and dependable padding material for medium to large weight items. Polyethylene foam’s lightweight properties reduce shipping costs because they do not take up much space. This form of cushioning is impervious to water and moisture and guarantees your appliances’ reliable performance after shipping.

We can also use bubble packing to shield your items from the external impacts during transportation. This form of cushioning is utilized inside boxes to secure items during shipment.

Further, we have many forms of foam cushioning for different cargo weights and sizes. We will measure your items and determine density and thickness before calculating the right degree of cushioning for optimal impact protection.

We have designed techniques and processes that guarantee safe and reliable shipping for large items. Whether they are fragile art, electronics or multi-million dollar pieces of equipment that need special care, trust us to deliver.

  • We study your needs and evaluate the items to be shipped.
  • We weigh, measure, and assess risks.
  • We tailor/adopt foolproof product-specific custom packaging solutions.
  • We package the cargo for your method of transportation (i.e… boat freight and bike freight).

Using Tip N Tells and Drop N Tells, these “impact indicators” reveals to us the any signs of a rough transport, allowing us to perfect container loading.