Why Customized Packaging Is the Way to Go

Custom packaging and standard packaging are different because custom packaging allows products and companies to make their unique package versus standard packaging that is the same as any other company.

Custom packaging boxes are significant for companies because they allow products to be unique and special, making for a better customer experience. Still, it also plays an essential role in protecting the product inside.

If you do not have custom packaging boxes for your company, you will have a hard time standing apart from your competition, and there will be less of a positive response from customers if the box or other type of package is bland.

Customized Packaging Vs. Standard Packaging

Creating customized packaging boxes for a company or product helps brand it, protect the product inside and, at the same time, attract customers to choose your product over the competition.

Companies can put their own unique spin on their products and make them stand out from the competition, but it also takes a lot of work to be successful in this area.

There are a lot of variables involved in making customized packaging for a company or product. If you are not familiar with the process, making the package safe and attractive may be difficult.

You can choose many options for designing your custom packaging design, such as a standard box, molded box, rigid, corrugated, or offset.

The Potential of Customized Packaging Boxes

Custom packaging boxes have the potential to produce a lot of revenue for your company, making the shipping and packaging process even faster and easier than it is now. Collectively, companies that leverage personalized packaging boxes can generate about $268 billion in revenue by 2023. This is a serious number, and it is sure to change how other businesses produce and deliver their products.

Custom packaging has this potential because customers love unique items and the possibility of what can come out of customized packaging. Customized packaging allows customers to have what they want when they want it, a definite advantage for businesses.

Benefits and Advantages of Customized Packaging

Higher customer satisfaction

Customized packaging will encourage people to buy your products because they feel you care enough about them to give them a better experience.

Increased brand identity & client trust

CaMaster for Customized Packaging Boxes | Image of Cobra Elite RouterCustomized packaging makes you feel more trustworthy because you tell your clients that you want to make sure the products inside them arrive safely and effectively.

Customized packaging also provides your customers with an identification of what your company is all about. It helps the company be more identifiable and for customers to buy more products from you.

Moving Forward with A New Standard for Efficiency and Sustainability

Next, more companies are opting for package customization in the form of sustainable and energy-efficient packaging. Modern sustainable packaging is versatile and has functionality that provides for the needs of the product it is designed for while being easily recyclable or compostable.

Flexible, climate-controlled transport packages have a lot going for them in the shipping department. Their major advantage is that they can be shipped across many different states or jurisdictions rather effortlessly.

Flexibility means the package can be easily transported to the client or moved from the plant to the point of distribution via ATV or motorbikes if it cannot be transported in a truck.

It is undeniably becoming harder and harder to maintain one’s “carbon balance” these days. Nevertheless, working on the elimination of waste isn’t impossible.

What you need is to make sure that your custom boxes can be recycled or reused after you make them out of quality paper materials like cardboard, for example (and not styrofoam). This way, you will be assisting in making the world a more sustainable place while satisfying your clientele at the same time.

But, because truly eco-responsible packaging considers every detail with an eye to the environment, the packaging itself is not enough. Consider making the method of securing your packages eco-responsible.

Admittedly, the switch to eco-responsible logistics practices may seem like a real process change. But this is a packaging trend of the future. It deserves to find its place in the long term at the heart of logistics strategies.

Other Trends in Custom Packaging Boxes

As a business owner, you have to be on top of things, or your customers might forget about you. Having a great-looking custom printed packaging is one thing but being familiar with the latest trends is another entirely. Just remember that keeping yourself informed with news and trends in custom packaging design will always benefit you in the long run, so check out these ways to improve your custom package design.

Packaging and packing to reduce vacuum and material

Customized Packaging Boxes | Sample Crates for ShipmentExperts recently put figures on what many logisticians suspected: 60% of e-commerce packages contain at least 24 % empty space. Limiting the void in the packages has become a matter of eco-responsibility, as much as managing the packaging budget.

Therefore, this packaging trend asserts itself in 2021: your goods must be packaged as closely as possible to limit voids and save raw materials. For packaging that follows this trend, you can, for example, integrate into your flagship products the variable height box. This is a basic cardboard box, with areas easily cut to reduce the height of the box (and therefore the void it contains).

But packaging that reduces vacuum also protects the products it contains while limiting the use of raw materials. To do this, consider innovative wedging systems, such as air cushion wedging, particularly practical for wedging products without wasting time.

Geometry and Designs that are ultra-simple

In the packaging industry, geometric shapes are increasingly popular. They are both bold and straightforward. Customers can glimpse the product’s design by viewing these geometric concepts with expressive colors, sharp angles, and clean lines. It allows your product to stand out despite apparent subtlety at first glance.

If you choose to use custom packaging boxes, you’ll want to work with someone to make high-quality products for your business. All American Crating high-quality corrugated boxes are delivered faster and at a lower cost than our competitors.

Our Difference

Unmatched customer service: Since we have been in business for many decades, we believe part of our success can be attributed to our commitment to providing our customers with the best customer service.

Agility in design: We can design boxes in various ways, so you can get the same box you want. As soon as you have decided which products to package, you can submit your product specifications online. If you don’t know exactly what you need, our design team can create a product tailored to your particular needs.

Eco-friendliness: We are committed to a green manufacturing practice that protects and improves the environment. 99% of our custom packaging boxes are made from recycled materials, and 60% are recyclable.

Ultimate quality control: Our custom boxes are produced in-house by our team instead of by outside manufacturers, so we have complete control over quality and timeliness.

All American Crating is a company that creates custom cardboard boxes. We provide all kinds of packaging boxes customized to your specifications. Let us know what your products are to provide you with the perfect custom packaging boxes. Your custom packaging will be delivered in a matter of days. Call us at 407-240-7755.