The CAMaster Cobra Elite CNC Router: A Custom Crating Companion

CAMaster Cobra Elite CNC Router: A Custom Crating Companionr | Image of Cobra Elite RouterThe Cobra Elite CNC Router is a great combination of industrial performance and precision engineering. It comes standard with features that are found in more expensive CNC routers and are extremely valuable in the customized, wood shipping crate creation process.

Partnering our custom crating, skidding, and rigging expertise with this powerful tool will allow us to take customization even further, with branding, special cuts, and trims.

Among the many features that come standard on the Cobra Elite are the 12 HP HSD spindle, steel frame, gantry and gantry supports, And all powered by a brushless digital AC servo drive system, 25 MM precision rails, and bearings, with a 1500 IPM cut speed and 2500 IPM rapid traverse speed.

With this kind of power and precision at our disposal, new options for custom wooden crates and protective packaging have become available to you! With the CAMaster’s high versatility, including tool change, drill banks, vacuum tables, and extended gantry heights, we can truly add a branded look to all packing & crating solutions offered.

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Benefits of the CAMaster CNC Router for Custom Packaging

The CAMaster CNC Router will help our custom crating process by:

  • Helping us achieve up to 70% faster production capabilities than manual processes.
  • Producing accurate parts without accumulating waste.
  • Reduce excess labor by automating the production process.

CNC Router Features for Custom Crating

  • Motor System: Servo motor, which is best for high speed, high torque custom crating applications.
  • Drive System: There are two types of drive systems used on industrial CNC routers. The option of using a combination of both Rack and Pinion and Ballscrew drive systems to achieve a good combination of accuracy and speed.
  • Spindle: The motors that, with the use of a cutting bit, do the actual cutting. Capabilities of the spindle include HP, RPM, torque, power requirements, load ratings, and collet type.
  • Automatic Tool Changer: For custom crating projects requiring using multiple tools. The “ATC” system helps to greatly speed up tool changes and significantly decrease job times while reducing errors.
  • Vacuum: The CNC Router cuts better with more hold-down strength. When we considered a vacuum system, we ensured we had enough table size and hold-down strength to perfect custom crating creations.
  • Dust Collection: This machine can generate a lot of dust when creating custom shipping crates. We made sure to invest in a good dust collector to keep machine components free of dust and debris which can cause damage over time and reduce the quality of our custom crates & pallets.

All of these new capabilities are now at our disposal without sacrificing our ISPM certified crating requirement. We’re committed to assisting customers transport & protect products safely while avoiding damage & corrosion. As packaging design experts, we will use the CNC Router’s many valuable functions to not only increase our standards but also improve upon them.

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