Custom packaging provides many benefits for businesses. The three essential benefits are higher brand recognition, higher purchase intent, and reduced transportation and storage costs.

What is Custom Packaging?

All American Crating | Shipment Via PlaneThis refers to packaging designed specifically for your business and for the products you make and ship. You can customize packaging by choosing the shapes and designs of boxes and crates or imprinting them with your logo, patterns, conditions, or pictures on the boxes. We can be creative and create a custom package that reflects your branding.

Businesses can use custom cardboard or wooden crates or employ a standard supply chain to help ensure the products are created to a certain standard and distributed at the best possible price. Custom packaging for small businesses plays a huge part in your marketing strategy, but this remains one of those areas that some businesses fail to take advantage of.

What Makes a Good Packaging Design?

Good packaging design is the result of good research and a clear design brief. At All-American Crating, we start by understanding your small business’s packing and shipping needs and analyzing what competitors are doing and how they are doing it. Then we look across your industry and beyond. We get a view of the range of packaging currently on the market.

We then help create your product packaging with clear and relatable designs to create that emotional connection with your target market. The majority of our retail clients say that custom packaging is one of their main points of differentiation, so keep this in mind.

How Does Custom Packaging for Small Businesses Improve Safety When Shipping?

When you’re choosing a box for shipping, do not choose a box that is too big! Before making a purchase, check the dimensions of your product carefully to ensure that your item would fit into a suitable-sized box.

Getting something slightly too big isn’t going to cause you any problems. Still, an item that is too large for its container can potentially break because of the extra space it has during transportation between points A and B. Custom packaging ensures that your products fit right in the shipping boxes—not too tight and not too loose.

How Can I Make My Packaging More Attractive?

CaMaster CNC Router | Image of Cobra Elite RouterIn order to retain customers and encourage word-of-mouth, small businesses need to give customers a reason to go to them rather than go somewhere else. With an ever-changing landscape and ongoing consumer demand, consumers emphasize a consistent brand and consistent customer service.

Taking inspiration from the commercial world is a good starting point. Many businesses now take advantage of their packaging and display prominent signage and branding. This is especially important when a customer can see the branding from a distance. We implement techniques, such as cnc routing to ensure your customized crate stands out and your brand is recognized.

Why Invest in Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is a way for small businesses to stand out from the crowd. It can increase the perceived value of an item, create a memorable impression and drive customer loyalty.

Our expert-designed packaging will play a significant role in the success of your small business. It is an essential part of the marketing mix. Our packaging will make your products stand out from everything else in the market without being too flashy or too plain.

Other advantages for small businesses that invest in custom packaging include safe shipping and offering top-quality products to customers. Custom packaging for small businesses reduces the risks of products getting damaged during the shipping process.

Custom Packaging for Brand Love

New research reveals just how important packaging design impact has on consumers’ decisions. It also shows the influence packaging design can have on those consumers’ long-term buying habits. Looking at some of the top brands in retail, what people are looking for more and more is uniqueness.

In particular, they want to feel at home when they order a product. This insight goes a long way to explain why brands are pioneering new, convenient custom packaging styles. Product-specific packaging allows your customers to get the best products regardless of the shipping environment. With the personalized shipping package designs, customers will be able to distinguish your brand a mile away.

Custom Packaging for Risk Reduction

Small business owners often wonder whether they should spend the extra money on custom packaging for their products. Your packaging is the first chance you have to maintain product safety and quality in our current world.

Packaging is a small but important detail that makes all the difference between a product being safely shipped or not. It needs to be well designed and worth displaying to become a selling point for your business.

Custom packaging for small businesses will help ensure that all your items safely get to your customers. It will make them feel more special when they choose your product from other brands’ warehouses and stores.

Custom Packaging for Competitive Advantage

Customers value the experience you provide. They see what you’re capable of and what they’re missing and can make informed decisions. If you don’t stand out from the pack, chances are you won’t gain the business you want to. Even if you’re producing a product in a well-established category, you can use shipping packaging design and development to make your business stand out. This is where we come in handy.

Heat Shrink for Vehicles | Large Item Protected by Heat ShrinkCustom Packaging for Bulky Items

Need to move large items long distance? If your item is too big for parcel shipping service, but it’s not quite big enough to fill an entire truck, we can help.

Our expert problem solvers know how to create customized shipping plans that work for you. Whether you’re moving a single item or multiple large pieces, custom packaging can help to ship just about any large piece of item, including pianos, clocks, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers/dryers, etc.

Custom Packaging for Fragile Items

So, you’re shipping something that’s fragile. This means you know how careful it has to be packaged. From impact-absorbent jelly to bubble wrap, whatever the contents, whatever the level of fragility, packing materials like these are part of making sure they reach their destination in optimum condition! With us on your side, the damage is reduced significantly.

In addition to maximizing each container’s space, our product preservation solutions will ensure your goods are securely placed inside the crate, fitting snugly. Our packing teams use high-quality materials to custom-design cushioning, wrapping and supports so your package travels safely through unpredictable shipping channels.

Custom Packaging by Professionals

A full-service packing option may be the best for those with limited budgets since professional packers of the moving company will do the entire job for you. Rather than spending several days or more packing your goods on your own, a team of professional packers can move your inventory or sales orders in one day.

Although you can pack your items, you should consider having your fragile, breakable, and perishable items packaged by a commercial company. To ensure that these items do not break during transport, packaging materials for these items must be specifically designed. Wraps, barriers, and cushioning are excellent options for custom packaging.


Whether you run a retail business or a wholesale business, you should be aware of the impact packaging has on your bottom line. At All-American Crating, we design custom packaging and offer packing services to small businesses to help them stand out and safely ship goods to or from suppliers and consumers. Call (866) 257-8434 to ask for a free quote.