Are there ways to ensure that the products you sell are adequately protected during shipping? Are there additional ways to help you promote your product or brand while selling and building loyalty?

We have one answer. Find a packaging and crating company that is reliable and economical at the same time. The packaging market offers a wide variety of options for you to pick from.

Crating solutions and packaging design are essential components in the transportation and distribution of products.

Comprehensive Packing and Crating

Compliant crating plays a protective role during transportation, and since most goods undergo multiple transportation methods during transport, crating that is designed to meet various jurisdictional shipping requirements is vital.

To fulfill your shipping needs and deliver cargo in pristine condition, we spend our working days innovating and implementing the right solutions.

All-American Crating is a reliable, versatile, and competent crating company. We are experts in crating, packaging, loading, and transportation of cargo.

ISPM Certified Crating Company | Protected Shipment

Whatever you’re shipping, we have the capacity and capability to deliver above and beyond. ISPM compliance is part of how we solve our clients’ hydra-headed challenges in packing and transportation.

We attribute our excellence to our teams’ experience and expertise, along with our unique and personalized services based on listening to our customers and satisfying them. Our attention to detail surely makes the difference.

With our experience, tools, machinery, and space at our disposal, we stand out as a crating company that can help you pack and ship your items by road and water safely and cost-effectively.

Further, we can organize all aspects of transport, starting with pick-up until the delivery of goods, and this, anywhere in the world. The design of our shipping crates is specifically tailored to your product and your needs.

Quality Guarantee

Our quality criteria are based on our experience, and your products’ safety remains our priority throughout the process.

All crating is designed to measure with quality components, and the risks are never underestimated.

Custom crating and vapor barriers are some of our areas of expertise. Electronic, fragile, or products sensitive to humidity, equipment can be vacuum-packed and shipped, without fear, anywhere in the country.

Our service guarantee ensures we package everything in an aesthetic way, ensuring the products arrive at their destinations looking presentable.

ISPM Certified Crating

Keeping in line with international legislation, our crating is ISPM-15 certified. This standard enables the preservation and protection of other ecosystems by using wood treated with heat.

Please note that heat-treated pallets, necessary to meet the requirements of ISPM 15, are an important factor to consider when choosing wood crating for transportation.

But what exactly is the IPPC standard? What are its advantages?

ISPM’s Compliance Requirements

For heat treatment to be effective, it must be done correctly. ISPM 15 guidelines include debarking wood before using it to make pallets, as all that is required is the core. The wood is heated until the core reaches 56 degrees Celsius.

Heat treatment of wood packaging materials, such as wooden pallets, risers, or wooden crates, is carried out within specialized drying rooms at the specified temperature and for a minimum of time as outlined in detailed guidelines.

Other treatments, such as chemical fumigation, were discontinued due to the discovery of traces of toxic substances in the wood. The heat treatment of ISPM 15 eliminates insects and larvae, reduces humidity, and ensures safe handling of pallets. The heat treatment process also increases the weather resistance of the pallet.

What Our Compliance Means

All American Crating | Custom Crating Manufacturer Logo

It means that we take every measure possible to properly protect your shipment. Most of the damage that can be seen during the transport of goods is due to unsuitable packaging.

We stand by our commitment to offering you a custom crate that protects against knocks and shocks to avoid unpleasant surprises. Further, with our ISPM compliance, you can expect packaging that shields against contamination and spoilage.

We offer compliant crating processing to combat insect pollution while enhancing the safety of your items. The main reason for the requirement of the ISPM 15 is to minimize the risk of migration of woody organisms. The introduction of insects and pests from abroad can severely weaken the local ecosystem.

Further, wooden crates are naturally susceptible to bacterial and mold growth, especially if they are not stored correctly due to humidity. With a heat-treated pallet, we reduce the risk of bacteria, pests, and mold growth.

This international standard serves as a guarantee of eliminating all parasites or larvae (ash clay & Asian longhorn beetle) likely to be present in the pallet used in crating and shipping.

You can also expect other advantages to our heat-treated wooden pallets as well, including increased durability and weather resistance.

All-American Crating uses heat-treated and ISPM 15 compliant crating pallets daily, respecting the quality, hygiene, and sterilization standards in force in several industries as the food and pharmaceutical industry. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination of shipped products.

Crated for Success

Indeed, success and failure are also packaged, and choosing the wrong packaging scheme can result in customer dissatisfaction and loss. Choosing a shipping method should entail the important bit of considering the risks involved during transportation and drafting a packing blueprint that will ensure optimal safety.

Let us take of things. We can package and ship anything from extrusion machines, flight simulators, oil burners, control panels, furniture, artworks, medical equipment, electronics and miscellaneous items.

We arrive on-site with needed materials and tools to carry out the packaging and ensure that your products arrive intact at their destination.

We are committed to helping customers transport products safely and avoids damage. As packaging design experts, we use materials that can provide comprehensive protection for your products and design different packaging solutions for different transportation modes.

Whether you are shipping by land or sea, we can choose a packaging scheme according to your choice so that your goods can reach the final destination safely while leaving the factory as well as reducing logistics costs.

All-American Crating is a reputable crating company that combines responsibility and quality during service. Since our founding many years ago, our objective has been to provide our customers a satisfactory service at affordable costs. Experience what it means to work with us. Call (888) 272-8348 or Contact Us today!