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All American Crating Products

  • All American Crating provides crates built with quality materials to ensure their durability and provide the highest level of protection for your products.
  • We provide customized packaging and crating for sea, air or land shipments.
  • Protective packaging and crating is specifically tailored to your requirements.
  • We provide reusable as well as standard one-way crates.
  • We specialize in crating and skidding motorcycles, boats, vehicles, ATV's
  • Container blocking and bracing is provided to protect delicate items and vehicles against vibration and shipping shock.
  • Minimize corrosion and other environmental hazards with VCI or vapor barrier packaging.
  • Special coatings deliver exceptional protection, even in xtreme outdoor industrial, marine and tropical environments.

All American Crating is fully insured, both in-house and on location.

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  • Open slat crates and full wooden crates
  • Re-usable trade show crates
  • Custom boxing, packing and crating for moving
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Estate packing
  • Custom cushioning and foam lined packaging
  • Acid-free wrapping
  • Export container loading
  • Packing and padding for export
  • Lift van packing
  • Antiques
  • Industrial and government packing


  • Art and Antiques
  • Sculptures
  • Furniture
  • Household goods and accessories
  • China, Crystal
  • Glass, Marble
  • Machinery
  • Sensitive Electronics
  • Motorcycles, Cars, Boats


Cortec® offers a full line of standard and custom packaging products in conformance with various military, ASTM and other international standards. Cortec® packaging products include papers, films, foams, cushioning bubbles and inserts. All of the packaging products provide multimetal corrosion protection, and are non-toxic and recyclable.

Cortec® VCI papers provide corrosion protection in several different applications including single item packaging, multiple item wrapping for bulk shipments, OEM and automotive parts packaging for storage and shipping, and sheet liners for product separation. The papers are nitrite free.

Cortec® VCI films provide protection in a variety of forms to suit your packaging needs. Films range from general use polyethylene to shrink wrap, stretchable, reinforced designs. All films have excellent clarity and cling. For industrial and retail packaging, we have VC-120 skin film. The multifunctional VCI-125/128 bags incorporate vapor corrosion inhibitors, desiccant and antistatic construction. VCI-126 bags and films employ moisture absorbing action. VCI-129 is a barrier protection which maintains a vacuum and is excellent for high temperatures and humidity.

Cortec® impregnated foams and Cor-PakTM bubbles protect precision machined parts and highly sensitive electronic components. They protect items from breakage and surface damage--like scratches. VCI-122 EcoShield® protects delicate items with its abrasive-proof lining and absorbs condensation as well.

Cortec® VCI inserts provide exceptional absorption and even reach recessed areas. Inserts fit into virtually any packaging system and come in pouches, tablets and circles.

When your customers use your product, they can rely on the same corrosion protection to lengthen the service life of your product. Cortec® VCI systems protect electrical and electronic equipment during operation and shutdown. Cortec® water- or oil-based barrier coatings protect installed valves and pumps from atmospheric corrosion. Cortec® additives protect lubricant systems from corrosive environments and contaminants. In cases where equipment or systems require lay-up for temporary shutdown or long-term mothballing, Cortec® products offer many benefits. You apply them instantly, quickly, and usually without surface preparation to your piping, tubes, tanks, motors and generators External as well as internal working surfaces and mechanical parts are effectively protected. You select the degree of protection needed based on the severity of the environment and the length of exposure. Your protected equipment will always be ready for use. When the time comes, you can quickly and easily prepare your equipment for operation.

High Performance Coatings

All Cortec® coatings deliver exceptional protection, even in extreme outdoor industrial, marine and tropical environments. Cortec's® complex formulas on non-toxic, organic inhibitors offer protection far exceeding most paints, primers and solvent-based products. These unique, water-based coatings pose no threat to personnel or the environment. They also offer outstanding permanent or temporary protection even in harsh, unsheltered applications. In most situations, one application of a Cortec® coating serves as both a primer and top coat for needs ranging from temporary shipping protection to years of demanding outdoor industrial or marine use. Little or no surface preparation is required.

When a Cortec® coating is used as a primer only, you may apply topcoats of any type with no loss of VCI or barrier protective capability. All coatings are available in stock and custom colors, plus UV protection. For immersion service, epoxy formulations containing VCI additives are available for applications such as ballast tanks, pumps, pipelines and structural steel.




During the manufacturing of your product, whether circuit boards or metal stampings, Cortec® products easily integrate into your fabrication and assembly processes. While eliminating the corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Cortec® products provide lubrication, enhancing production speeds and tool life to help you produce first-quality products.

Cortec's® corrosion inhibitors provide you with unique solutions to difficult corrosion problems. Use VCI powders to protect difficult-to-reach voids. Water-based inhibitors replace oily coatings and coolants, and provide easy-to-remove intermediate protection. Water soluble additives in hydro test solutions protect during and after draining. VCI emitters protect electronic and electrical assemblies during the various stages of fabrication, assembly, shipping and field operation. Throughout the life of your tank, valve, compressor, circuit board, electrical box, printing press, or whatever your product is, Cortec® protects your products from beginning to end.

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