All American Crating


All American Crating Facilities

All American Crating is conveniently and centrally located 5 miles from Orlando International Airport.

We offer:

  • 32,700 sq. feet of modern warehouse space
  • Monitored alarm system including complete video surveillance and motion detectors throughout the warehouse and administrative offices
  • Both manufacturing and storage areas
  • Shipping and receiving docks are ground-level and dock-height for ease of accessibility
  • 90,000 lb (45 ton) lifting capability readily available to accommodate heavy equipment and materials.
  • 5,000 lb., 9,000 lb., 15,000 lb. and 30,000 lb. Forklifts
  • Three Mobile Crating and Packing Units
  • Tractor with Ramped Flatbed Trailer

Contact us online now, or by phone: 888-272-8348

All American Crating, Inc.
On-Site Crating & Packaging Specialists
1256 LaQuinta Drive, Orlando, FL 32809
Phone: 407-240-7755
Fax: 407-240-2737
Toll Free: 888-CRATEIT (888-272-8348)